Seamless Gutters in Santa Barbara

Seamless gutters are an excellent solution to many issues that are present in traditional seamed systems. Tower Roofing is an expert in the installation of these continuous systems. We use only cutting edge products from reputable manufacturers. Our goal is to provide superior installation while making our services affordable and budget-friendly. 

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There are several advantages to seamless gutters as opposed other systems that are installed in parts. You can choose from high-grade aluminum materials or you can opt for copper piping. Here are some of the benefits of these continuous systems:

  • Fewer instances of leaks
  • Reduced maintenance
  • On-site cut-and-fit
  • Attractiveness
  • Availability of colors

Fewer instances of leaks - Since seamless gutters are not installed in pieces, there is much less stress put on the pipes themselves. In a traditional system, seams and joints will be put under stress over time and the different portions can pull away from each other, creating leaks. These leaks will eventually cause major problems. The continuous construction of our seamless alternative will eliminate the need for a significant amount of future maintenance. Be sure to ask about our free estimates. Call us to get started on your new system right away. 

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Reduced maintenance - As stated before, utilizing gutters that are seamless can virtually eliminate much of the periodic maintenance involved with their seamed counterparts. While, you should still get a gutter cleaning periodically, you will not have to deal with other issues such as leaking joints, downspouts bending at seams, and portions of the system actually breaking off. Since the drainage pipes are one long piece of metal, you will see a much snugger fit and fasteners have fewer tendencies to fail or pull away from the roof. 

On-site cut-and-fit - Your new seamless gutters come with the added advantage of a more precise fit than other drainage options. The materials for your installation will generally be brought to your home or business site and measured and cut on the property. Since you are not dealing with pre-cut pieces of pipe, then the seamless system will have much more customization and exact measurements. In the long run, this will make for a system that is much stronger and has more integrity. 

Attractiveness - Seamless gutters are not only very functional, but they are also a very attractive enhancement to the exterior of your home or business. The only seams employed in these systems are where the bottom of each pipe meats with the actual drainage portion. All of the other seams that you see in traditional systems are eliminated, creating a much sleeker and polished final product. Since you can also choose from different materials, you can also choose an option that matches your home's architecture. 

Availability of colors - Continuous drainage systems are now available in a large array of colors and options. You have the ability to pick a color that will blend in with your current exterior color scheme, or you can choose a color that is a contrast – to add diversity to the home or business. These gutters also have a baked-on enamel finish, so that the need for re-painting is drastically reduced. In many instances, this finish will last for the lifetime of the system itself without the need for future painting or touch-ups. 

We provide seamless gutters in Santa Barbara, Goleta, Santa Ynez, Buelton, Carpentira, Los Olivos, Santa Maria, Ventura and Solvang.